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Party Dozen are a two piece band from Sydney who create experimental and improvisational music. We can't wait to see them play at our upcoming all ages fundraiser show on the 5th November! We had a chat to Kirsty to learn a bit more about Party Dozen and their creative processes.

Describe Party Dozen in four words

Loud, self-indulgent fun!

What are your interests outside of music? Do they intersect with your music in any way?

I am obsessed with listening to podcasts and love going to galleries and live performance works. I suppose there is an element of art that intersects with Party Dozen, but it’s also a separate interest.

What is the writing process like for Party Dozen?

The writing process for Party Dozen happens in two parts. First, we sit down and do a bunch of loop and sample making sessions and then we improvise over the ones we like. Normally we’ll jam something out two or three times and whatever happens – that’s the track! It’s fairly improvisational.

The busier everyone is, the more inspired we feel to push harder and keep making things that challenge our own abilities.

What's the best thing about writing and performing music?

For me, feeling like you’ve connected and expressed something with an audience during a live show is just the best feeling ever. That energy can’t be emulated in any other part of my own life and it’s just such a high! Even if it’s one person really getting into it, it’s wonderful feeling that connection.

Tell us a bit about the gear you use, and how it helps you create such interesting sounds?

Jono uses a sample pad to trigger all the extra sounds you hear with Party Dozen alongside his drums. My saxophone runs through a pedal board and into a Marshall JCM800 bass head - which is pretty meaty. We try and change the pedal set up every now and then so that the sounds become more interesting.

Image by Connor Keighran

Image by Connor Keighran

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Art, music, dance and our friends. We are lucky to have a really exceptional community of musicians around us in the inner west and I think the busier everyone is, the more inspired we feel to push harder and keep making things that challenge our own abilities.

What kind of challenges have you faced as a musician, and how did you overcome them?

I’ve been playing live shows for 10 years in Australia and the majority of my experiences have been very positive. Occasionally I have come across people who don’t take my musical ability seriously because of my gender, and that’s always challenging and frustrating. But there’s a shift happening and this kind of behaviour seems to be happening less and less, which is great!

If you could play or collaborate with any other artist, who would it be and why?

Gareth Liddiard. He has such a creative mind and I’d love to just have a really loud, messed up guitar/sax jam with him.

What are 3 things you like about yourself?

My work ethic, my ability to have a chat to anyone and my freckles (I’m very spotty!)

What advice would you give to your 13 year old self?

Follow your gut instinct. More often than not, it’s the right way to go and if it fails you, you’ll learn some really valuable life lessons from it.  


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interview by madeleine er

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