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Girls Rock! Sydney aims to inspire girls, trans and non-binary youth through the power of music. We are part of a national network of Australian rock camps, and a wider global Girls Rock! community. Girls Rock! originated in Portland, Oregon in 2001, and has since spread across the world to the UK, Japan, Finland and more. The first Girls Rock! camp to take place in Australia was organised by Chiara Grassia for Girls Rock! Canberra in 2016. Girls Rock! camps are now also hosted in Melbourne, Brisbane and Wollongong.

The first Girls Rock! Sydney camp took place in January of 2018. We will have information on our next camp program soon, so please stay in touch via Facebook and Instagram.

Girls Rock! Sydney is a week-long day camp including a showcase performance. Campers will each learn how to play an instrument (guitar, bass, drums or vocals), join a band with other campers and write a song together, and perform at a Girls Rock! showcase at the end of the week. We also run workshops each day, including how to screen print your band logo onto a t-shirt!

Our camp ethos revolves around the following key areas:


At Girls Rock! we want all our campers to be confident in who they are. We know that girls can do anything, and be really great at what they do, so our workshops are all designed to empower campers and build up their self-confidence. We also ensure that the camp environment is full of supportive mentors. 

02. Positivity

We want campers to have a positive experience at Girls Rock! Sydney, which is why we promote a positive outlook in all areas. The camp schedule is packed-full of hands-on workshops and activities, instrument instruction, and performance, all of which focus on channelling positive energy and build confidence. Good vibes only!


All campers are encouraged to think outside the box and let their creativity come to the forefront, whether it's through song writing, performance, or during activities in a workshop. At Girls Rock! we encourage letting your "weirdness" shine!


Girls Rock! Sydney is a safe environment for all girls, including those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and queer, trans and non-binary youth. We want to help foster a sense of acceptance and community. Campers are encouraged to meet new people and make new friends, with the potential of continuing with their newly formed band post-camp!


"I want every girl in the world to pick up a guitar and start screaming!"

- Courtney Love

Photo by Tricia King Photography @ Girls Rock! Brisbane

Photo by Tricia King Photography @ Girls Rock! Brisbane

The very first Girls Rock! Sydney program was held on the 15th - 20th January 2018. Our program runs from 9am - 3pm, Monday to Friday, and will finish with an afternoon showcase on Saturday. Girls Rock! Sydney encourages all girls, trans, and non-binary youth between the ages of 10 and 17 to send through applications, whether they have prior music knowledge or have never picked up an instrument before - there's something for everyone at Girls Rock! Sydney. 


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Banner images by Marnie Vaughn